December 20, 2017


2017 has been a crazy year! We welcomed our amazing Camden to the world, took our Coaching to new heights, and launched our new Team Page.


Through it all, I realized there were many things that helped us accomplish some of these great feats... So I thought I should share my favorite things that supported our journey. From an avocado saver to a book that'll motivate you like no other, there's a whole lotta GOODNESS here.


AND each of the products is linked, so if you want to buy one (or two) you can easily get it on Amazon.


I hope you find these as helpful as they were to us and I'm excited to share them with you! 💪🏼😁📚







One of our BIGGEST investments for our fitness journey happened when we decided to go ALL IN with the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells. Brent needed heavy weights, and I needed lighter ones…and we wanted to workout from home. So we found these adjustable weights, and they are a HUGE space saver and such an amazing addition to any home gym.





When someone told me the shelf life of my food would increase by 200% if I use the Eat Cleaner Fruit and Vegetable Wash…I perk up! I found out that it strips away the wax found on many foods so that you can clean residue and all kinds of crud trapped under the surface. I’ve been using it for YEARS for meal prepping and I love it!






When Chalene Johnson gives you a gift and says YOU NEED THIS, you say thank you and then put it to use! And that’s exactly what happened with the Evriholder Avo Saver. Like most people, I don’t eat whole avocados daily, so I’d always have a leftover half. And I always wanted a better way to keep it fresh. Well, now you can put this cute lil’ avocado seat belt around it and it preserved it!





I wanted a bright colored yoga mat, so The Commuter Yoga Mat immediately caught my eye. It's geometric, and doesn't slip! We all know those dang yoga mats that make you feel like you are literally on a slip ‘n slide!!! This pretty lil’ thing makes my workouts FUN, but also productive and I’m so glad I found it.





Everyone asks how I take pictures and videos of myself? Do I have someone walking around following me everywhere?! NOPE! I use the handy-dandy iVoler Car Mount. I suction cup it to mirrors, windows, my microwave... It's literally how I take a “selfie” without “taking a selfie!” #Winning









The mamaRoo has been a LIFE SAVER for us! Camden is 8 months old and STILL uses it daily.  It doesn’t require a lot of space. It’s pretty much been our NANNY for about an hour a day, allowing us to get things done around the house while he is having fun. I was nervous about the cost, but it has paid for itself in the amount of time and stress it has saved us.





I was diagnosed with Diastasis Recti, which means my abdominals split during my pregnancy. So if I wanted to workout I needed a belly binder. I researched so many different brands, and the Belly Bandit is by far my favorite TYPE of brace. I can cinch it super tight, I wear it while working out and it breaths nicely. And it’s been a HUGE part of healing my DR, and I couldn’t have done it without my Belly Bandit to support me.





The ExerSaucer was gifted to us when Camden was still in my belly. I remember looking at the box thinking…we are never going to use this! The moment Camden turned 3 months old he was on the move, and we started to test it out...and since that day it’s been our SAVING GRACE! He could play in it for HOURS if we let him. So many features, so many things to intrigue him. It’s only disadvantage is that it takes up A LOT of space.





I remember seeing the Blanqi Leggings on a friend's Instagram, so I went to their website to check them out. I wanted to know what the fuss was all about. I purchased a pair and wondered why I waited so long! These were worn for workouts, date nights, and for just chillin’ around the house. I even wore them MONTHS after having Camden, because fitting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans can take an eternity 😉





The Wonder Weeks is GREAT at helping you understand what your little one is going through at different developmental leaps. It's helped me learn what to expect as Camden continues to grow. I literally read 2 baby books, and this was one of them. 





I know that sleep training is controversial, and ultimately you should do what you feel is best for your little one. I read On Becoming Baby Wise before Camden was born and felt so prepared to bring him into this world. It taught me that I would have a sleep, feed, and wake cycle, which seriously calmed my nerves about breastfeeding. So even though we didn’t follow Babywise to the tee, it taught us SO MUCH and helped me prepare for mommyhood.








I committed to reading 12 meaningful books in 12 months and this was the first book I read. START. is all about getting UNSTUCK and getting on the path to awesome. My biggest takeaway was, when you go for awesomeness, fear and doubt will ALWAYS stir from their slumber. Every time I get those feelings of doubt, I’m reminded that it’s simply because I’m on track to AWESOME, and to just go for it!





If you need a short easy read, that packs a powerful message… The Energy Bus is THAT book! The power of positivity and our own outlook on life, that’s what this was all about. And for those of you who feel you are in a toxic environment of any sort, this is a MUST READ! 






I’m a procrastinator! And if you don’t know, now you now! I work best under pressure, and I had to learn how to get MORE done in less time and STOP procrastinating once and for all! I won’t say that Eat That Frog! has cured me, but it changed me and I read it quite often because lets be honest… I needed a constant reminder to tackle my most challenging tasks FIRST!





If you asked me what book changed my business, what book changed my mindset so that I could GROW into the person who could achieve the GINORMOUS goals I had set for myself… The Slight Edge is it! It’s not an easy read. It’s a big book, with small print. But the principles in this book CHANGED MY MINDSET, and I always challenge each person I work with to one day take the leap and read this in hopes that it changes their life, like it did mine.





As I was preparing to have Camden, my mind was saying I GOTTA GET IT ALL DONE… So I read The 10X Rule and it was all about MASSIVE ACTION and eliminating procrastination, This was the book that got me to that place and I’m forever grateful!





There aren’t enough words to say about the power of starting your own Miracle Morning. I think every person should be forced to read this book. I truly do! There’s no way I would be surviving this #MomLife adventure, living off of 3 hours of sleep without the MINDSET shift that the Miracle Morning gave me. It’s a must read!




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December 20, 2017