This was my seventh year attending the annual Team Beachbody Coach Summit, and year after year it’s just gotten better and better! Looking back, it’s crazy to think just HOW FAR I’ve come - not only in my LIFE, but in my business.

I attended my very first Coach Summit back in 2011, and during that time... I was homeless. Even though I a Diamond Coach at the time, I was at my lowest of lows. The only way I was able to attend the summit was because I flew to L.A. on a free buddy pass, and stayed in a hotel room with my girl, Meghan, who had a free room.

I was sitting front seat on The Struggle Bus, but that summit left me truly inspired. I remember sitting in the crowd, watching all these incredible Coaches get recognized for their success, and hearing these amazing stories about all the lives they were changing - I became so motivated!

Being at the Coach Summit 7 years later... I sat in the front row as one of those Top Coaches - A truly mind-blowing experience and feeling!

Since attending my first Coach Summit, my entire world has changed. I’ve been asked to speak at not 1, not 2, but 3 - THREE of these events to share my story of transformation and growth with Beachbody. I've been inducted into the Million Club, am now a Multi-Million Club member, and have been fortunate enough to have reached the highest rank that a Coach can achieve as a 5X Elite Superstar Diamond Coach. I also just got recognized as being one of the VERY FEW PEOPLE who has become Financially Independent, paying off ALL OUR DEBT. It's a complete changeover from where I was back in 2011!!!

But probably the most rewarding thing about this Summit are the people I get to share this experience with. This year, I had over 200 of my #TogetherFit Family members in New Orleans for the Summit! Do you know how many team members I was with back 2011??? TWO! It was just me and 2 others for y first Summit in L.A. I'm so proud and honored to be a part of this family we've built together 🤗

So when you ask, "What does Coach Summit mean to me?" It means EVERYTHING! It’s the event that sparked the GREATNESS within me. It’s the event that made me realize that there were countless others out there CHANGING the trajectory of their lives… And if they could do it, I COULD FREAKIN’ DO IT TOO! Year after year, this event reignites the fire in my SOUL.

I know my purpose, and I know the hard work my team and I put in every day, but it’s as if we are able to see the VISION we work towards everyday behind our computers COME TO LIFE at the Summit. Surrounded by tens of thousands of our fellow Coaches, I can feel the energy literally pouring from the walls!

The event was incredible. The people were incredible. New Orleans was INCREDIBLE!


I’ll be honest, I was nervous about going to New Orleans with our lil’ Camden, who wasn’t even 3 months old yet. I’ve been there countless times to visit one of my childhood besties, and never did I ever think I would be bringing my newborn to NOLA!

But it was AWESOME!

We had a chance to visit with my childhood friend and try out Emeril’s new restaurant, Merils. Our Elite Party took us to The Sugar Mill, which was a BLAST! We couldn’t miss out on visiting the French Quarter, and OF COURSE we got beignet’s at Café Du Monde. I love Mardi Gras parades and touring Mardi Gras world, and seeing the floats so up close definitely brought out the kid in me. And I finally got to see with my own two eyes the St. Louis Cathedral which is the OLDEST gosh darn Cathedral in North America!

So overall, I can say that we while we were in New Orleans for work, we couldn’t help but be tourist and have some fun as well!!!!


If I had to choose just one thing though... My FAVORITE PART… What I loved MOST about this year’s Coach Summit… I would have to say it was being with my team. All of the celebrations and fanfare are amazing, but the truth is that my favorite part was being with my #TogetherFit Family at a Coach Summit where the entire FOCUS was on being FAMILY!

From Beachbody’s newest addition, DAILY SUNSHINE, is a pediatrician approved healthy smoothie for kids that I can’t wait for Camden to be old enough to drink, to Tony Horton’s latest workout that will be released in the fall, DOUBLE TIME, for mama’s who are looking to workout with their kids!

Beachbody has made fitness, and this journey to being our healthiest selves, a true family affair.

And not to mention the fact that we are soon going to be opening the doors to our U.K. Family to be able to join us... There is just SO MUCH JOY coursing through my veins!


I want YOU to be here with us next year. I want YOU to be at this event so you can have that same moment I did back in 2011 where I realized...


A life of JOY, happiness, and FREEDOM!

So if you are passionate about fitness, love social media, and want to be one-on-one mentored by me... If there’s been an inkling in your gut saying, "I need to reach out!" Well LET THIS BE THAT FINAL PUSH you need to gain the courage to hit SEND on that message!

You DO NOT have to know ANYTHING about helping others through fitness to join us right now --- We have an online academy that will teach you.

You DO NOT have to be in the best shape --- that’s what we are here for. You'll have a team of Coaches all here to help you every step of the way just as we’ve done for countless others. All we ask is that you have a GINORMOUS heart, that if you aren’t at your “goal” as far as fitness goes, that you are willing to work with us to get you there, and above all you are PASSIONATE and hard-freakin’-working!

You can be here with us in 2018 at the Coach Summit… But you have to START NOW!

The doors of our FitFamily are wide open ya’ll!!! I will talk you through all the details one-on-one, we will see if it’s the right fit. I can help answer any and every question you have and be there walking you through this every darn step of the way - #ThatIsMyPromise

How do you take your next step? Click here to complete the application!

I pray that we are able to work together, get strong together, get happy together, and get to celebrate our success at Coach Summit 2018, TOGETHER!

Wishing you love and happiness,

Alli 💓

INCOME DISCLAIMER AND INCOME EARNINGS STATEMENT: Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings located in the Coach Online Office for the most recent information on our Coaches’ actual incomes.

The Statement of Independent Coach Earnings can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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