This part of Camden’s birth story gets pretty intense…

Because everything was progressing so quickly, my blood pressure started dropping really fast, and the doctors were really concerned about that.

What was even scarier though is that Camden’s heart beat couldn’t be found. Both my and Brent’s parents were rushed out of the room, and the hospital staff starts moving really quickly to make sure everything was ok with Camden…

Meanwhile, all this serious stuff is going on and I’m still feeling like I’m the funniest person IN THE WORLD! I’m still cracking jokes as the doctors have me turning on all sides. At one point, they're event making me to get on all 4’s!

The midwife tells Brent and I that everything is still moving really fast - so fast that I’m probably going to birth Camden in just 5 MINUTES! But, she tells me that I’m going to need a c-section, and that's the last thing I wanted to happen…

A c-section was basically mandatory to make sure both I and Camden are safe, but Brent and I explained how we really didn’t want that to happen. So, the midwife said we could give it ONE LAST TRY.

And at that moment, I just looked up to Brent and told him just one word… “Pray.”

This moment is probably one of the most emotional times of my life. Watch this next video to see what happens after Brent finishes his prayers over Camden and I.

This is Part 3 of a three-part series about Brent and I’s amazing experience bringing our first child, Camden, into the world.


So the BIG SCARY moment has passed, and it’s time to start pushing again... And that means it’s time to get back into FITNESS COACHING MODE!

You guys know, I love to do my Beachbody workouts EVERY DAY. I know how to push through a tough workout, and that’s how I was approaching this birth. And I’m still feeling pretty good from the epidural, and I’m telling the doctors and nurses that this is gonna be EASY!

All I need was just 4 PUSHES and Camden would be here in just 20 MINUTES 🤣

Well, again… I was totally WRONG! Camden had been crowning for 20-30 minutes… Everyone kept telling me, “Just 5 more minutes and Camden will be in your arms! Keep pushing!!” But then 5 minutes would go by, and I’d still be pushing with every one telling me AGAIN that this would just take 5 more minutes… NOPE!

Now normally, I’m a big fan of cheers and people pumping me up to finish something, but to be honest… I was so TIRED of hearing people screaming and cheering for me every time I had to push again. I was so tired that I MAYYYYY have dropped another expletive or two 😂

Watch this video to see what my reaction was to everyone cheering for me, and also to find out just how much I wanted some Shakeology!!

This is Part 3 of a three-part series about Brent and I’s amazing experience bringing our first child, Camden, into the world.


After all the pushing and screaming and cheering, a new doctor comes in to help bring Camden into the world. With his help (and the help of this CRAZY machine called a Kiwi or something), Camden is born!

At 8 pounds on the dot, and 21 inches, our beautiful baby boy was born at 9:17PM!! Brent and I just feel so blessed as we hold him in our arms for the first time 😍

To see what took place during this final phase of the story, watch the video below!

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