Of all the blogs I’ve written in The Truth Behind series, this one is ranked so high on the list of favorites because there is absolutely NO WAY I would be where I am today if I hadn’t surrounded myself with a TEAM of people who wouldn’t let me fail.

My team is made up of amazing individuals who wouldn’t let me give up in the toughest of toughest times… Who pushed me to keep taking steps towards my goals, even if I felt like I was crawling at times… But who also would get up and SPRINT with me when I was in GO MODE!

My own personal mindset shift happened when I realized I was ONLY ONE PERSON. Yes, one person can do SO MUCH - I’m a firm believer and stand behind this idea fully - but I was missing it.

The lives that I could change on my own COULD BE huge, but I thought to myself one day, “What if there was a TEAM of us - a squad, a tribe of people getting fit together, inspiring change together, becoming happier, healthier and stronger TOGETHER? What could be accomplished then?!”

What if instead of it being JUST ME sharing my passion for fitness… What if I had just ONE OTHER PERSON who I could pour my passion and heart into? Then me and that person could then be virtual fitness coaches TOGETHER! How many MORE LIVES could we change if I could teach just one other person how to do what I do, and then we both just get out there and inspire change together?!

Well that’s exactly what happened in 2010!

My girl, Jen, was my first team member, and her life had been changed thanks to TurboJam. At that time she had lost 60+ lbs and found her HAPPY, found her CONFIDENCE, and found her VOICE all thanks to her JOURNEY, and she was ready to help others. So we came together, and the two of us went out on a mission to help and inspire people through fitness!

It wasn’t long until our little team of two, became our little team of eight! Which meant instead of just ME out there sharing my passion, there was now EIGHT of us out in the world making fitness FUN, helping people with their fitness regardless of where they live, how in or out of shape they were in, or how crazy their schedules may be!

Well, don’t you just know it… That team of eight kept growing, and soon it turned into 15! From there, it just kept growing and growing, to a point where today, we are close to a team of 8,000 people all screaming from our Internet rooftops our MESSAGE OF HOPE through fitness!


Trust me, you – on your own – can do SO MUCH, but know that you with a team by your side can create a ripple effect BIGGER than you ever thought imaginable! That is what happened within our Together Fit Family, and it can definitely happen within your team.

So when it comes down to the truth behind your team, the key word to look at is YOUR.

Your team will look different than mine. It could be your team at home, a team of just you and your significant other, it could even be a team of your co-workers! Regardless of WHAT you are doing, there is strength in numbers, there is strength in connection, there is strength in COMMUNITY. So if you’re looking to build up your team, you gotta know these TRUTHS…


The first truth is all about a question you have to ask yourself, which is, “What do we stand for?” You can even think of this as, “What do we want to be known for?”

I built our team on selflessness teamwork, relentless effort, and continuous improvement that challenges the status quo day in and day out.

We are built on fitness and use it as our vessel for change. We are not just dreamers, but we are DOERS, and if you want to give us a job title outside of Beachbody Coach, it could easily be Professional Life Changer!

When you KNOW what you stand for, you then find the RIGHT PEOPLE who will stand for the same things. Creating a team that’s divided does you absolutely NO GOOD. Trust me, the members of your team can all have different goals and purposes, but at the heart of it all, your team’s MISSION and CALLING need to streamlined.


The second truth you need to know is that success leaves clues.

Every day I’m learning from the people on our team. Why? Because success leaves clues! The more you surround yourself with positive, inspiring, and determined people, the MORE you will gain.

There are people on our team who have learned and acquired skills to do some pretty EPIC THINGS! And you bet that I pay attention to those people who are MAKING THINGS HAPPEN every day. Why? Because their success leaves clues that will make things better for our team as whole.

To learn about these successes, and to see those clues, you’ve gotta be completely TUNED IN to your team… You’ve gotta surround yourself with people who look more like your FUTURE than your past!


Above all things… The truth about YOUR team, your TRIBE, is that they are what you got when times get rough.

Yes, we are a fitness TEAM, and yes I love my social media. It’s FUN for me to get to post workout videos, dressing up as a highlighter, sometimes disguised in a unicorn onesie, or busting out a workout to my fav 80’s hits… But that doesn’t mean I don’t go through some tough times.

When the hard moments show up, it is my team that’s by my side. When I was homeless, living without a roof over my head, it was my team THAT TOOK ME IN. My FitFamily.

When our girl, Caroline, lost her husband last year, and had no where to turn, it was our TEAM that took her in. Her FitFamily.

We’ve had girls in our Virtual Gym go through miscarriages, some losing family members, some fighting the battle against depression, and others dealing with the news that they have cancer… But we DO LIFE TOGETHER. Our FitFamily.

We lean on each other for our strength - during the good, the bad, and the ugly - because that’s what a team, a FitFamily, truly does!


So, when it comes down to it, you have to know WHAT YOU STAND FOR. You have to connect yourself with a tribe of people who GET YOU and achieve successes that you can learn from. And you have to know that when you are a part of the RIGHT TEAM, that they are there for you through every step of the way. ALL OF IT.

Have you ever dealt with any tough times and had to rely on your team for support before? Does your team have a strong motto that you think is worth sharing? Tell me your favorite things about your FitFamily in the comments section below!

With all my love,

Alli 💕

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