If I leave you with anything in this post, it’s that success isn’t random and that this life isn’t a LOTTERY. We live in a culture that literally worships the “big break.” We walk into the convenience store, purchase a lottery ticket and say…


I hate to break it to you, and you can DREAM all you want… but tomorrow will be the same as today, as it was yesterday, as it was last week, as it was last month over the summer… it will be the FREAKIN’ SAME if you don’t learn to stop WISHING for change and start WORKING for it.

Wishing, hoping and even dreaming of change is what people do when they think they are going to GET LUCKY. If you’re focus is to win the mega million lottery, land a dream job without working the small jobs first, or even to marry a person who has a ton of money, all you are doing is betting it all on a CHANCE. But I’m telling you, being a DREAMER is great, but until you are ready to be a DOER, this year will look the same as the years past. #TruthTalk

So I want to show you 3 things that you can be doing today, tomorrow and this week, to put your DREAMS into ACTION.


There are two ways to make sure your goals and dreams stay front of mind every single day…

A Vision Board

First, I recommend that you start using a Vision Board. To explain it as simple as I can, it’s a visual representation of all your goals so that you can get them out of your head and actually see them EVERY DAY! And no, I don’t just mean just putting your dreams down on a scrap sheet of paper that you will lose in the next few weeks - I’m talking about a big VISUAL that allows your goals to be IN YOUR FACE.

It can be artsy, it can be virtual, it can be with a stick of glue some magazine clippings and a big ol’ poster board for all I care! 😂

I’m going to give you the freedom to create this however your beautiful soul feels it needs to be created! Just make sure that if you don’t already have a big board that highlights ALL of your goals, that you make this a priority to get done THIS WEEK! I promise this will help you stay driven towards your goals over the long haul.

A Visual Trigger

Now that you have a big board with ALL OF YOUR DREAMS displayed for you to see, we’re going to shift to something a lil’ smaller…

While it’s nice having the Vision Board as one BIG visual, what I like to do is create a TRIGGER! Whatever my #BigScaryHairy goal is for that year, my BIG goal that I’m pushing towards… I put a trigger to it. A trigger is just a symbol that acts as a reminder for me to do something.

For example, when we were going for 15 Star Diamond as a Team, I plastered the number 15 EVERYWHERE! I had 15 as the screensaver on my phone and on my computer. There were 15s on the fridge, on my bathroom mirror - I had 15s EHH-VER-REE-WHERE!

The number 15 was my trigger, because I associated the number with my goal to reach 15 Start Diamond. It became such a strong reminder that even when it was 1:15 in the afternoon, I was thinking about my goal!

Now, your trigger doesn’t have to be a number - it could be anything. You could literally have a picture of a PANDA be your trigger! No matter what you decide to make your trigger, just make sure that it is an IMAGE that reminds you of your goal. Once you’ve decided what your trigger will be, put it all over the place so that you always have a reminder to DO, not just DREAM.


Now that you have the VISION in front of you, and the TRIGGERS around you, it’s time to devise a plan. My mentor taught me the concept of REVERSE ENGINEERING MY GOALS, and I pray I can shed light on this for you right now…

First, you’ve gotta do some RESEARCH.

Start by asking yourself some questions: What is it going to take to be 100% debt free? What is it going to take for me to reach 15 Start Diamond status? What do I need to know and what skills do I have to acquire in order to make my goals become my reality?

Make sure you RESEARCH every nook and cranny of HOW TO reach your goals.

Second, you’ve gotta BRAINDUMP.

If I showed you my desk, you would see papers EVERYWHERE! Why? Because I braindump constantly. What’s a braindump? It’s literally exactly what it sounds like… IT’S DUMPING ALL THE INFORMATION OUT OF YOUR BRAIN!

You have to write down every single thing that needs to be done in order for your goal to come to fruition. You have to brainstorm every possible thing that has to happen for your goal to become a reality and write it all out on paper.

And when you think you’ve braindumped everything you possible can, go back and look at each thing you’ve written down to see if you can pull it apart into even more bite-size, easy to chew, 15-30 min tasks!

Third, you’ve gotta INVESTIGATE.

Now it’s time to fill in any missing links. Take some time to do your due diligence and cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s! Study all of your ideas and look back at all your research to see if there is anything you missed along the way.

Fourth, you have to START!

This is often the most difficult step for people. You will allow “paralysis by perfection” to kick in, and you will never ever actually DO. If you want to know the truth, you going through the braindump process is still in DREAMING-mode. You can’t become a DOER until you actually START.

For some people that’s doing 2-3 things off that braindump list a day… 2-3 things EVERY DAY will bring you SO MUCH CLOSER to your BIG goal! For others, the right thing to do is take a larger chunk of time to cross one project at a time off that braindump list.

Regardless of your approach, if you get consistent and DO THINGS DAILY that take you closer to your goal(s) you are no longer living by CHANCE. You are no longer waiting on that winning lottery ticket! You are now crushing your days and getting closer to seeing your dreams become reality! You are making the shift and are actually taking the STEPS that need to be taken to become successful and triumphant.


Putting your dreams in your face and devising a plan leads me to the last point, which is all about CONSISTENCY…

So many people will never reach their goals in life, because they honestly just won’t SHOW UP every day. But that’s not you, right? You’re not one of those people. You’re the kind of person who shows up EVERY SINGLE DAY, RIGHT?!

Well, I triple-double-dog dare you to SHOW UP EVERYDAY for the next year…actually, for the next TWO YEARS!

When you do that, guess what will start to happen:

You will make an income.

Your audience will grow.

You will develop the TENACITY you need to survive as an entrepreneur.

More importantly, showing up every day will teach you that those people who you view as “successful” haven’t gotten to where they are in life because of some condensed version of their story that they gave on a Facebook Live video… Those “successful” people are where they are today because they made a commitment to show up every day, even when it was hard, even when it sucked, even when it looked like nothing would ever come of it….

In the get-rich-quick, living life in the fast lane, one-click ordering, MICROWAVABLE world we live in today, we rarely hear this type of the advice to realize that things take time and to be here a year from now! Well, I’m here to tell you that you’ve got to be actively immersed in the process everyday for the next year, and if you do that, amazing things will start to unfold in your life.

You can’t build your dream life simply by DREAMING, or by talking about it with your friends and family, or even by planning it all out… The only way you will ever build your DREAM LIFE is by actually BUILDING IT. Realize that it will take time, probably a long time, and you will need to build it brick by brick, DOING what needs to be done day in and day out.


At the end of the day you have to find your fight. You have to put your goals in your face, you have to devise your exact blueprint, and then you have to be CONSISTENT in the pursuit of it! As always, I’m here for you if you ever need my help or guidance along this journey. You can do it!!

Do you have any other ways to make sure your dreams become realities? Share the different ways you achieve your goals on a regular basis in the comments below!

Love ya lots,


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