If you’ve missed it… The last few blogs I’ve been sharing the TRUTH BEHIND various aspects of what I feel has helped me make the SHIFT from a girl who was six-figures in debt and not able to make my car notes, to someone who can scream from the rooftops that I’m CC debt free, student loan debt free, with a home my husband and I built from the ground up! AND, as of this year, we will be 100% debt free… Mortgage and all!

I’ve been able to accomplish this all while doing what I love… Helping people achieve their personal, financial, and business goals through FITNESS!

So today, I thought I would talk to you about the truth behind taking downtime. I’m talking about taking a break from your CALLING.


BEFORE I GIVE YOU MY 3 POINTS - my 3 big take-aways - I feel like I have to say this. When I was in the fight, I had to show up daily…

  • Not just when it’s convenient

  • Not just when you are motivated

  • Not just for one month

  • Not just for a season

  • Not just when your family life is on point


My husband and I became millionaires before the age of 30… Why? Because we SHOWED UP every single day. We didn’t take any breaks:

  • When I was working 80 hour weeks

  • When I had creditors calling

  • When I had no roof over my head

  • When my life was completely unstable

  • When I couldn’t pay my bills

  • When my mother went into the hospital for emergency surgery

  • When my grandmother who raised me passed away

  • While I was planning our wedding

  • On my HONEYMOON… Anniversaries… Birthdays

  • On all of my vacations

  • On Christmas and New Years

  • The first trimester of my pregnancy… Hello, that SUCKS!

BUT, no matter what was happening on any given day, I showed up.





Because we BELIEVE we have a legacy to leave. We know we are MOST happy when we are loving, serving and transforming lives. And to do that, we couldn’t just show up when it’s convenient… We had to show up every day, NO MATTER WHAT!

Now, that doesn’t mean I never took a break. I definitely have had some downtime, but the key factor of my downtime is that it’s always planned ahead of time.


Downtime is so important to achieving success. Having time where you can recharge your batteries is SO crucial to a successful journey. Taking breaks is necessary, whether it be an afternoon, a full day, or an entire weekend away - but if you truly want to ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS, you can’t just haphazardly live your life, taking breaks whenever you feel like it. If you do that, you’ll just stop working whenever you’re tired, and eventually lose your drive and focus to your goa! So… My biggest tip is to schedule your breaks, and to work your tail off for that PLANNED downtime.

Everyone enjoys their downtime differently. Maybe you enjoy going to get your nails done, or pampering yourself in some way. For others of you, planned downtime could be something as simple as a quiet bath while reading a good book, maybe laying out by the pool. Downtime could even just be a stay-cation once a quarter, which is what Brent and I did recently, giving us a time to just to take a break from the work, refocus, and recharge.

So be sure to take some time off. But whatever you do… PLAN IT! You can’t just BULLDOZE your way to your goals, because it will eventually lead to complete BURN OUT!


The second truth behind taking successful downtime is the fact that YOU have to realize WHAT recharges you.

For my entire life I thought I was an extrovert! I don’t mind talking to people, I’m not shy… but so many people misunderstand and THINK that being shy equals being an introvert, while being “outgoing” equals being an extrovert. This is not true!

The terms introvert and extrovert actually refer to how you GET your energy. It’s all about how you RECHARGE and refill your cup.

For someone like my husband, Brent… He’s actually an extrovert in that he is RECHARGED by being around other people. Being home alone drains him. Cabin fever sinks in, and he feels this need to be around others. He doesn’t have to talk, he doesn’t even need to be in conversations, he just needs to be around people to recharge.

For me, I’m an introvert. Which simply means that I need ALONE TIME to recharge. Spending some time in my bedroom, or even just taking a dang NAP - as long as I’m in solitude, I’m good. I need to be BY MYSELF to feel like I’m refilling my cup.

For me, the holidays are NOT downtime… Why? Because I’m around people all the time! For Brent, however, it is. Why? Because we are around people all the time. 😂

So, knowing what side of the spectrum Brent and I fall on has helped us plan downtime that makes sense for both of us. For you, I suggest taking some time to become aware of what GIVES you energy - it’s SO crucial!

If you need some help with understanding different personality types, I recommend this really good podcast - CLICK HERE and you will learn some really good info on understanding this to a T!


But with all that said, if I can leave you with anything it’s that the good ol’ saying, “You gotta SLOW DOWN to speed up.”

This is one of my favorite quotes because it’s so true. I’ve done the whole BULLDOZE thing, where you just put your horse blinders on, push the pedal to the metal and floor it! But all that left me was JOYLESS.

In order to FIND my joy, while also FIGHTING FOR MY DREAMS, I had to give myself the planned INTROVERTED downtime that I needed… Even in small doses.

When focusing on fitness goals, most people I work with want to BULLDOZE and lose as much weight and see as many results as they can in the shortest amount of time. What I usually see happening with people after GUNNING IT for 2 weeks is them throwing in the towel and giving up.

But what would happen if you gave yourself a rest day? What if you gave yourself a LIFETYSTYLE meal where you can recharge your fitness batteries and find that JOY in the journey verses hatred for the process?

If you have a big business goal, it’s all about setting aside some YOU TIME, so that you can GIVE of yourself from the overflow. Some of you give-give-give all day long, which is amazing! But make sure you also give a little time to yourself, and not just all the others.

I want you to picture one of those big orange Gatorade coolers with the white lids and lil’ white drain at the bottom… If all day you have that drain open, what’s going to happen? The cooler is going to drain itself EMPTY and have nothing left to give.

But, if that lid was taken off, and you had a constant FLOW of Gatorade being added in SO THAT you could GIVE freely… How much more fulfilling would that be? How much more productive would that be?

This planned downtime is what is going to ensure that cooler remains filled. It’s what’s going to make sure your tank never reaches E.


Whew! After all that writing, I’m ready for a lil’ downtime! 😂 I know it feels good to work hard and achieve your goals, but just remember that taking breaks is always a big part of having a successful journey!

What are some of your favorite ways to take some downtime? Do you have any tips for ways to plan your breaks? Are there any times you regularly take downtime - maybe once a month, or quarter, or even every year?

I’d love to hear about the ways you utilize downtime to stay energized, so share your answers in the comments section below!



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