For some of you, goal setting is second nature and you have some AMAZING goals already in place. But there are also those of you who have allowed the FEAR of goal setting to sink in… So much so that you’ve STOPPED setting goals all together!

Regardless of where you fall on that spectrum, I want to give you a few of MY TIPS - things that have worked for me time and time again over the years.

I like to consider myself a GOAL CRUSHER!

As I share my experience and discuss these tips that you can bring into your life, please know it’s coming from personal experience - it’s coming from a person who’s applied them over and over again. From setting financial goals that would PUT A ROOF OVER MY HEAD back in 2011, to defining business goals that would allow me to become the Coach of the #1 Success Story in all of Beachbody… both of which I achieved!

What I’m going to explain in this post is the exact blue print I used to be the #1 Master Trainer for Chalene Johnson’s Company (link), the place I got my start and training trainers ALL OVER THE WORLD in 2012. All of the success I experience today is because I just kept following the process, allowing me to CRUSH my goals of unshackling myself from debt by paying off all my credit card bills, student loans, and car notes in 2013.

Even after conquering all of my debt, I continued this process to find even greater success, allowing me to take dream vacations, purchase dream cars, retire my mother from working nights at the Harris County Jail, and even build my husband and I’s first home from the ground up!

I’m not sharing my success story to brag, but rather to have my experience OPEN YOUR EYES TO THE POSSIBILITIES! I am the walking, talking, living, breathing example that if you follow these steps, and truly learn how to GOAL SET the right way, you too can achieve everything you dream of.

So let’s get started! I’m going to break this process into 4 COMPONENTS:


Most people already know to do this, and know why it’s important to put our goals out there. Whether it’s a fitness goal, or a goal of paying off debt, a desire to increase the amount of money you have in your savings, or even the amount of money you want to donate to your church throughout the year… It could be any goal - personal, business, relationship, mental, spiritual.

It’s never the wrong time to set a goal, but many times people like to set goals in January - the NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION! And while these are great, you certainly shouldn’t wait to set a goal until the end or the beginning of a calendar year. SET YOUR GOALS RIGHT NOW, and focus on achieving these goals every single day!

Whatever goals you have in mind to see come to life, the most important thing is to define those goals clearly and with purpose. This could mean writing out a list and sticking it up on your fridge, or creating a calendar reminder with a specific date you want to see this goal accomplished.

Setting your goals is SUPER important, but there is an important follow-up step that is awesome missed…


Guess what?! YOU ARE A BOSS!!

YOU are the CEO of YOUR life, and you control what you achieve and don’t succeed in. You shouldn’t be “defining goals” because you feel it’s expected, or because someone told you to do something. Or even worse, because it’s what everyone else is doing. You should be defining goals and working towards them every day because YOU it’s what you want to do!

I know folks who define their goals solely by what LOOKS GOOD on paper, or even to make someone ELSE happy - and that ain’t right at all. You have to set a goal (or goals) for you and you alone. A goal that makes sense to YOU, that makes YOU excited, and that fills YOU up with so much JOY! Sure, I can guide you and share what I think would be helpful steps to take to improve your life, but in the end, YOU are the one who needs to confirm that the goals you have in place are the right ones for your life.

So I challenge you to stop and ask yourself 2 simple questions:

1. Are these goals really my goals?

2. Do I truly get fired up when I think of these goals?

The reason why so many people either set goals and don’t achieve them or stop setting goals all together is because they were never really their goals to begin with.

When life gets hard, it’s EASY to put your personal goals on the backburner. Once you recognize you’re in a rut, it can be difficult to re-motivate yourself towards what’s truly important to YOU.

So if you’re searching for a direction, first take time to DEFINE your goals, then you have to CONFIRM that they are YOUR goals. Which leads us to the next step…


This step for me really connects with what I feel is my PURPOSE in life - to help people define the true driver behind their goals!

Your driver is what the bigger picture behind reaching your goal. To define your driver, you’re going to have to go DEEP and really discover what the purpose behind your goal is. This is definitely tough, but it’s the only way you will truly become a Goal Crusher yourself.

During this step, ask yourself this question:

What will achieving this goal allow me to do?

For example: I had a goal to become a Superstar Diamond Beachbody Coach. Sure this status is a true accomplishment, but to me it was so much more than just a ranking. When I asked myself, “What would achieving this GOAL allow me to do?” my response was simple… I would be able to put a down-payment on our home.

When I became an Elite Coach for the first time, my goal was never to be an “Elite Coach.” My DRIVER behind achieving this goal was being able to GIFT a car to my parents.

Every goal I’ve ever achieved was due to the focus of the driving force attached to it.

So once you DEFINE your goal, and you CONFIRM that it is truly YOUR goal, take the time to envision what your life will look like once you have CRUSHED that goal.

Knowing these three things will lead you into the final piece of the Goal Setting puzzle…


I wouldn’t be where I am today without my amazing mentor, Chalene Johnson!

Just like I’m here for my entire team, and anyone interested in how I can help them achieve their goals - Chalene was the person who was there for me. Who got me on track, and steered me into the place I am today!

One of the greatest lessons I learned from Chalene was about SMART Goals. Sometimes goals can be really, really big - which is great! I believe everyone should dream big and work hard to see those dreams come to life. But big goals usually take longer to achieve, and having some short-term goals along the way can really keep up the energy and motivation as you shoot for your ultimate dream.

So what is a SMART GOAL anyways??? Well let me break that down for you…

S - Small

M - Measurable

A - Achievable

R - Rewarding

T - Time Sensitive

I HIGHLY recommend reading through Chalene’s blog about this. It’s short, really informative, and will get all your goals in the right order to make you feel good and successful throughout your journey!

Read Chalene’s blog post about SMART Goals HERE - http://www.chalenejohnson.com/goals/smart-goals/


Alright, guys! Those are my four ways of setting the right goals in order to achieve success 👍

I suggest writing these four statements down somewhere - create a note in your phone or event write them on a sticky note that you put on your bathroom mirror!





Ready to set some goals that are truly yours?

In the comments section below, share some of the goals you’ve achieved in your past or some of the goals you’re looking to achieve now!

Also, if you’re struggling with setting or achieving the right goals, and you need some help getting on the right track, please reach out to me! I’d love to help you achieve whatever your working towards.

With so much love,

Alli 💕

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