I love my life. I’m married to an incredible man. We have a baby boy on the way. And I have the amazing support of my fit family that inspires me everyday. It also doesn’t hurt that when I recorded this for Facebook Live we were relaxing in Bimini for our babymoon. 👶🏼 🏖 😎

But the truth is that not that long ago, I was at rock bottom. And the whole point of this Truth Behind series is to be REAL with ya’ll because my goal is to CHALLENGE you and show you how my transformation started with a realization I had in December of 2010.

That month will forever be stamped in memory because it’s then I realized that I had EVERYTHING I needed to be successful. It was then I realized I was NO DIFFERENT than any other person who was successful and it all came down to how I looked at my potential.

My father always told me that "potential is one of the worst things you could have," and it wasn't until THAT December that I understood what he truly meant. I realized that potential can be an amazing tool, but if you're not actually tapping into it, then you're really just sitting on it. So the only way to become happier was to turn my unused potential into GREATNESS, and it's then I realized how I was going to do it... And I know the same is possible for YOU.


It was December of 2010, and at this point in my life I was homeless and bouncing around spare bedrooms of people’s homes for the last 9 months. Thanksgiving had just passed. It was the first Thanksgiving I spent away from my family and as December began, the realization that I would be spending Christmas ALONE crept up.

You see, I left my friends and family to pursue my DREAM in Florida, and now I wasn’t able to go home and see them during one of the most important times of the year. Actually, it wasn’t even an option because my bank account was overdrawn.

My car note had been deferred for the second month in a row and I couldn’t pay the MINIMUM on my student loans. And on top of that I continued to watch my credit card debt continue to GROW and GROW... Literally using my card on the bare necessities, like groceries.

I couldn’t afford to buy gifts for loved ones. I couldn’t afford to buy a plane ticket home. AND I couldn’t afford to take time off of work. But the worst part was the realization that I couldn’t afford to give one of the most important gifts of being with friends and family during the holidays… QUALITY TIME.

So I was staying at my friend Michelle’s house and I distinctly remember sitting on her couch, staring up at her Christmas tree. I felt powerless and trapped. All I could think about was “How did I let it get this far? How did I let it get this bad?!” And with my head in my hands I began to ball my eyes out.

All I could think about was how in March of 2010, my WORLD WAS ROCKED when I no longer had a roof over my head. All of the goals and resolutions that I set in the beginning of the year were replaced by having to go into SURVIVAL mode. I went BACKWARDS and no one knew… I had hit rock bottom.


Now I know that everyone’s life is different. Your rock bottom may be different than mine and your hardships could be even HARDER than those I’ve experienced, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t difficult to get past. We all go through them one way or another, so I’m here to tell you it can always get better, and I want to be there for YOU.

That December I told myself that I wanted to become a person who didn’t resemble the one living that life. I told myself that in 5 years I wanted to become the person who would RECOGNIZE their life as fulfilling.

And ultimately in 10 years, I envisioned a future, MY FUTURE, to be one that was full of happiness. A future that seemed so far-fetched that I knew I was going to MAKE IT HAPPEN, cause lets be honest, at that state I wouldn't be able to move to the next stage of my life. I couldn't pay my bills so there was no way I would be able to get married, buy a home, and start a family.

I immediately became DETERMINED and I asked myself, "so where the heck do I start?" Well, I realized it needed to be with me. I needed to CHANGE.


So as I sat there wondering about what my next moves were, I realized that three things needed to happen. These helped me get myself in check and I know they can help you on your transformational path.


First and foremost you NEED to ask yourself, and I mean really look yourself in the mirror and ask, “Am I happy, or just comfortable? Maybe neither.”

To reach YOUR true happiness you need to be able to look in the mirror and know that you’re happy.

And if you’re unable to say you're truly happy, then it’s time for a CHANGE…


You realize you’re unhappy and you want to do something about it, but like me you were unsure what to do next.

Life is tough and it gives you plenty of ups and downs. So believing that you have the ability to affect a lot of those ups and downs was one of my BIGGEST learns. That December I learned that I was responsible for the way my life was going, and that ONLY I can change my future.

A lot of us go through life waiting for someone to make that change for us or to guide us through it, but the truth is that we're the ones who need to TAKE THE LEAD.

It’s not an easy change to make, but you CAN do it.


Lastly I told myself that I would commit to consistency.

And if you’re like me, you get SUPER excited to try new things... BUT eventually that excitement can fade away and sometimes our commitment to that "new" thing fades too.

The problem is that when we make life changes, we WANT to see results and we want to see them immediately. So when you lose that excitement you have to have FAITH. Faith that as you continue to work hard to be a new you, a HAPPIER you, you will see the results you've been waiting for.

Because results aren’t handed to you, they’re earned. And only consistency allows you to show up every day. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. So when you decide to make that change, really stick with it, because you'll only achieve happiness if you continue to grind day after day.


Now, like I mentioned before, my experience might be different than yours, but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I wanted to change. I’ll never forget December of 2010, and you should never forget "yours" either. Use it as inspiration and as a constant reminder of who you WANT to be.

You might be unhappy with your health, your job, or any other aspect of your life, but it’s never too late. You can always make changes to create the future you want to live.

And don’t forget that support is HERE for you. I’m here for YOU, and this fit family is here for YOU. We work TOGETHER to reach our goals and reach our GREATNESS.

Lastly, part of our togetherness is being inspired by one another, so share your stories in the comments below, 'cause I know I love hearing them!

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