We are on our LAST DAY here in paradise and are soaking up the sun before we hop on our flight back home tonight!

It's moments like this where I realize how FAR Brent and I have come. Just five years ago...between the two of us...we were working 8 part-time jobs just to make ends meet each week. Brent was 40lbs overweight and we were well over 100K in debt. It was a life in the CRAZY CYCLE if you want the honest truth. We were spinning out of control, more debt was causing more stress, which was leading to bad LIFE decisions. And I just remember being so far away in my walk with God. I knew it had to change, I didn't want another year to pass where I was "just getting by." I envisioned THIS moment. I had MAUI on my vision board. I wanted to travel the world. I wanted to take 2 weeks off when I wanted to, without having to ask a boss for permission. I wanted to LIVE my life, take bucket list trips and adventure! But in order to GET something different, I had to DO something different! Working 8 part time jobs WAS NOT WORKING, the crazy cycle we were in WAS NOT WORKING, so we changed the trajectory of our life!

We stopped settling for average and began striving for AWESOME, and this trip is just proof that the HARD WORK you are putting in will be TOTALLY worth it!

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