I’ve been asked so many times…WHY ARE YOU GOING TO TAIWAN, that I thought I would sit down and fill you in.

It all goes back to 11/11/11…November 11, 2011. I flew out to Taiwan for the FIRST TIME. Back then I was representing a company called Powder Blue Productions, created by my mentor and boss at the time Chalene Johnson. She had numerous “Area Promotions Directors (APDs)”, and I was her Florida girl. Well, she needed someone to introduce her Fitness programs to TAIWAN…and out of 60+ “APDs” I was chosen.

Here in the states I was a Fitness Presenter, meaning I would train the trainers. Teaching people in ONE-DAY Trainings how to become a Group Fitness Instructor and teaching our formats (i.e. PiYo, Turbo Kick, etc.) Think of it like CONTINUING EDUCATION for Fitness Professionals. Just like doctors have to go in and get continuing education credits, so do Fitness Professionals and I was hosting these trainings. But now, they wanted me to do this…IN TAIWAN!

I can still remember that trip SO vividly…I was given a PICTURE of this dude named REX who would be picking me up from the airport. Other than this picture, plus some tips on the culture…I was ON MY OWN. I had to turn our ONE-DAY Training, into a TWO-DAY Certification. I had to learn how to use a TRANSLATOR, because I sure as heck didn’t speak Taiwanese…and I had to prepare myself for a journey literally HALF-WAY around the world -- when it’s noon here in Florida, it’s midnight in Taiwan.

But like I teach and preach ALL THE TIME…you have to WORK for your dreams. I didn’t want to be a ONE TIME WONDER, showing up in Taiwan…do one training…and then never be invited back. I wanted our Fitness classes to TAKE OVER the island. So I got to work!

Not only did I host my first trainings there in 2011, but I was invited back 6 months later. And then 6 months later I went AGAIN! I’ve now been to Taiwan close to 10 time, and it just keeps getting BETTER!

I have hundreds upon HUNDREDS of PiYo LIVE Instructors that fill the country of Taiwan, who are spreading their LOVE for fitness with countless others…and we are training ANOTHER 100 people on this trip!

And the best part is, for the first time EVER my hubby is going to be JOINING me! He’s never meet my Taiwan FitFamily, he’s only heard the stories…and I can’t for him to experience the LOVE and true amazingness that the country holds!

So if I can TEACH YOU ANYTHING today…it’s that HARD WORK truly does pay off. When you start any journey, you aren’t going to be GREAT at first. There is even a quote that says, you don’t have to be GREAT to start…but you have to START to be great! I had to work the kinks out, I had to overcome some SEVERE jetlag and learn how to inspire and love on people who don’t speak the same language as me. You can’t ever WAIT TILL YOU’RE READY to live out your calling…you gotta just GO FOR IT!

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