It's been an INCREDIBLE week at ‪#‎CoachSummit2016 ‬...full of inspiration, celebration, happy tears, real talks, getting to love on my Team of coaches and pouring wisdom into as many people as remotely possible.

But at the end of the day, THIS IS ME. No make up, my hair a dang mess and I would be lying if I said I woke up before 11am...I freakin' slept HARD! 😳You've seen the pictures, you've seen the HIGHLIGHT REEL...but truthfully, what I do day in and day out isn't a glamours "stage" life. It's THIS. Real. Raw. Unfiltered. I help people from my HOME...I typically don't have a face full of make-up on, I'm taking down the coffee like it's nobody's business and I rock the heck out of sweatpants because that's my outfit of choice. 🏠📲☕️

After all the make up is washed off, my hair is all messed up and the fun outfits are gone...your character remains, MY character this is ME. 💓I always, and I mean ALWAYS, promise to be REAL. Till the end of freakin' time...because I know there are other amazing women out there just like me, who love to HAVE FUN but also rock their ‪#‎StayAtHome‬ game real hard. 😂

So if I can share ANYTHING with you it's this...don't be afraid to just DO YOU BOO, because to be YOU in a real world where "real" almost doesn't exist - is HARD - but I promise you it's what will bring you the MOST joy at the end of everyday! ✨💕

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- Alli

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