Want to be a PiYoStrength Instructor?

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PiYo™ Strength is an unique athletic blend of strength training and core conditioning based off the principles of Pilates and Yoga. The combined moves form effective choreography that’s challenging and will make you sweat. It’s about energy, power and rhythm. Think sculpted abdominals, increased overall core strength and greater stability. And the best part…it’s all set to the beat of some AMAZING music.​​

PiYo™ Strength is unlike anything you’ve ever done before and we’re sure you’ll love it more than any other strength building, core conditioning class you’ve taken.  In a nutshell, PiYo™ Strength will rock your world!  If you love core conditioning and strength training and want to share that love with others,  there is no doubt in my mind that the PiYo™ Strength Instructor Training  is the answer!

​What you will learn:​
•  Correct form & technique
•  Tips, tricks & tools on how to lead others effectively
•  How to create a party atmosphere to keep students coming back for more!

Is there a test involved?​
•  YES. You will have to take a written and a practical test

What comes with the certification?
•  Everything you need to teach your first PiYo™ Strength class:  a CD, choreography DVD and choreography notes
•  The ability to purchase previous and future PiYo™ Strength classes. Including a CD, choreography DVD and choreography notes

•  Receive a Record of Completion valid for 2 years that verifies your ability to teach
•  Pay NO Licensing fees to use the trademarked PiYo Strength
™ name and music

•  0.7 ACE and 7.75 AFAA Continuing Education Units/Credits​

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Already Certified?​

Join us for a Lesson Workshop at any PiYo Strength Training!


11am-1pm during any PiYo™ Strength Training

What is it?

• Choreography broken down section-by-section

• Reserved ONLY for those that have already completed either the Instructor Training or the Pro Training

• This high intensity, 2 hour class will enhance your technical abilities!

Every Lesson workshop will be a little different from the next, as PiYo™ Strength is continually evolving. You are guaranteed to get a fantastic workout, technique tips and some new teaching skills! Each Lesson workshop you attend will provide you with a $5 credit toward your PiYo™ Strength Renewal. 

Already own the Lesson being taught? Attend for FREE! Just sign up as an "Audit" for the Lesson workshop and receive a $5 credit toward your renewal. 

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